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Website Tools

Creek Website Tools help you build websites for community radio stations.


The website tools include:

  • Show Schedule and Calendars: Add your playlist to any website.

  • Playlists: Embed playlists on your website.

  • Players for Broadcasts and Podcasts: Easily add Creek players to your website.

  • Live Show Metadata: Current show, song, broadcast, and host name.

  • Playback Controls: Button components for controlling playback play, pause, volume, skip, etc. that can turn any website into a Spotify-like media website.


There are two ways to use the website tools:

  1. Embed Toolkit — Embed Creek tools on any page with some simple copy-and-paste codes.

  2. Vue Toolkit — Use Creek tools in your Vue app to easily build single-page apps for community radio stations.


Here's an example of the show schedule.